Off-site Catering/Off-site Bar Information

Events Etc. by the Hershey Pantry is a truly unique catering company, offering a wide array of catering and banquet services tailored specifically to meet the needs of your special event! Unlike many catering companies which only cater to off-site venues, Events Etc. gives you the choice of hosting your party or meeting at the off-site facility of your preference, or at our own beautifully decorated banquet facility, conveniently located near downtown Hershey. Pricing on this web-site is for on site events and will be customized for off-site venues.

Off-site catering can be organized through Events Etc. in a variety of ways.

Delivery Set-up and Pickup:

Once a menu and venue are selected, Events Etc. can provide delivery, setup, and pickup of the planned menu.  This includes trained staff to deliver to the venue, setup, and organize the buffet and beverage stations—as well as return at an agreed upon time for pickup of all the equipment.  A delivery setup will include all the necessary chafing pans and serving utensils (A flat delivery rate is charged based upon the delivery address the extent of the setup).

Delivery, Set-up with Staffing:

In addition to delivery and pickup, our staff can also be secured for a designated number of hours to remain on-site and maintain the buffet and beverage stations–as well as keep the dining room and dishes organized. With this option, staff are typically hired for 1 to 3 hours to help the host maintain an organized atmosphere; staff will not remain until the end of the event, though a pickup is still scheduled for items left behind after the serving staff leave.  With this option, an hourly staff charge is applied to the flat Delivery and Pickup rate.

Full Service Off-Site Catering:

For large events or venues where extensive setup and service is required, we prepare for the function as an off-site event. Events Etc. staff will be on-hand to complete setup of food and beverage stations, dining room arrangements, as well as service and cleanup of the food and dining room.

This type of off-site catering is most often used for events with high guest counts, served menus, and facilities that require a host to provide china, flatware, glassware and linens.  In addition to the per person menu pricing, 6% tax and 20% gratuity are additional.  The gratuity charge covers all the necessary staff for the event setup through cleanup.  Any dishes, linens, table and chairs that would need supplied would be an additional charge.

Off-site Venue Bar Information:

Events Catered by Events Etc. but held at off-site locations are subject to the following alcohol set-up and service charges.

Clients must purchase and transport all alcohol they would like setup and served to the reserved venue.  This includes parties hosted at The Hershey Pantry.

The following charges are in addition to menu prices and will be charged per legal age adult.

Half Bar:  Client providing wine, beer and champagne toast.  Set up includes stemware, lemons, limes, ice soda.

$4.50 per adult

Bartending rate of $50.00 per hour per bartender

Full Bar: Client providing wine, beer, liquor and champagne toast.  Set up includes stemware, lemons, limes, ice, fruit juices, mixers, soda.

$5.50 per adult

Bartending rate of $65.00 per hour per bartender

Bartenders for wedding receptions will be scheduled based on the final guest count.

50-100 guests              1 bartender

105-175 guests              2 bartenders

180-250 guests              3 bartenders